So Mercy Ellen and i are from a meeting. We are laughing at how fun it was. The most interesting thing was the guy we met speaks like Mike Makori.  😂Well, i don’t know when i started noticing people’s voices but this one. Hahaa. You see funny enough it was some consultation we were supposed to do on some project i am supposed to start. Now i am not not an internet tech so we needed an it expert and somebody suggested him. When on phone Mercy had joked about his voice. We went to some hotel and there is that anticipation that comes with meeting someone you don’t know. (We arrived first, because we wanted to take drinks and be ready for questions by the time he comes.)

Now there is that theory that anyone who has a great voice is ugly, because God knows how to compensate😂 So Mercy joked how we were about to meet the ugliest thing on planet earth. Like after ten or 20 minutes the guy came in. ‘You are Brightstar. I know you’ We laughed and he asked how he could delay ladies on the first day. (hahaa if only he knew it was our plan all along) he tried to apologize. And well he is far from Ugly. He sat and started showing us his projects and what he has done and how he can help us.

I realized i was the only one asking questions Mercy was unusually quiet. She finally talked up and on our way though and you know what she asked him? About his shoes😂 Now that was totally something else.

So on our way Mercy was telling me how she never heard anything he said because she was concentrating on his voice.😀Well at least i was concentrating on what he was saying I laughed out loudly. Then she joked at least i have my crush so this one will be hers.  Suddenly she looked at me with a concerned voice and said  ‘but he is short though, but if it’s with that voice then i can overlook everything😀 ‘Well!!!

Mercy is the first friend i had in Maseno, we were sleeping in the same room, taking the same course and we were together 24/7 before she got a boyfriend😄. The bond wasn’t broken but she didn’t have all the time to give me anymore and it was understandable. But up to today we live in the same building and we mostly go to class together. One thing about her is that she looks very innocent. But can be very naughty. In first year i knew nothing about hot guys, i was still very naive, but whenever we would see a good looking guy she would call me then look at that direction  I guess no wonder i became very picky she showed me variety of samples😀. We would both look closely and if he looked good from a close distance we nod in unison or say an exclamation mark! If not we look another direction and say naaah!  Mercy likes them well built, so i was shown a lot of wide chest guys For you to impress Mercy you are either very tall and built (i don’t understand this because she is also very tiny)  or a you are a politician (She defends my crush like they are best of friends,for instance on Friday somebody came to my room and he joked about marrying me, she got so annoyed and told him ‘Stop having those type of plans for Star, you better get clearly that Star and i are remaining in luo land, ‘ then she put Sauti sol’s friendzone and started singing it then asked me on his face ‘Star who in this room is forever friend zoned? ‘ I thought that was rude, very rude of her given the person is also political and my friend. Every time i want to introduce my crush to Mercy i think twice, the two can never just know each other because if she supports him as if he has paid her now it would worsen if he says even a word to her 😆

On the corner we met our friend. (insert) He has been telling me lately he has lunch for me and i would always assume it and tell him ‘nitakuja kesho’ He told me that on wednesday and i thought it was a big joke. But every time i pass near his place he reminds me kujia lunch yako.

We’ve been friends for a while. While he started i was attracted by his smile and the fact that he was starting from nothing. At that time he had no chair, had countable shoes to repair but he would always smile and ask how i am. I fell for his warm affection and we became close so one day i offered to help. We bought everything he needed including an umbrella but few days after thieves broke into his house and stole everything. I was heartbroken at his fate but he was optimistic and he told me all shall be fine.

He works near where i stay so sometimes when i am bored i go visit him and have a conversation with him. He has a broad view about life, he tells me of the type of casual works he did, his early life etc. I have never asked him whether he has a family though, you see my life has taught me that sometimes you don’t have to ask people where they come from or who their relatives are. Because that question sometimes brings tears because somebody is trying to get over a very broken past. Sometimes you have to learn to appreciate people for who they are, the they that you can see, because after all you should be concerned about them and not their status or type of families they come from. But sometimes i wonder where his family is, does he have kids?, if yes do they even know where he is or what he is doing? He has never brought the subject up, and i don’t intend to ask. Perharps someday he will open up to me.

So today he tells me ‘Brightstar bado nikona lunch yako’ For a moment i wanted to tell him to keep it like i always do, that i will come for it tomorrow but i saw on his face how much he wanted me to agree his because this is the fifth time he is telling me that in a span of few days. I told him ‘ni sawa basi, kama umesisitiza nimekubali lunch yako’

He got in his pocket and removed something. He didn’t even have to check it out, meaning he had already set it aside. Then he handed it to me in a manner no one could tell what he had given me. Of course i felt some tinge of guilty, like ‘Brightstar, you are not ashamed you can afford any lunch you want and you are here taking the man’s money’ Looking at him repairing those shoes made it worse, because i knew for the one 100 shillings he might have given me that is equivalent to 10 shoes. But looking at his smile when handling me the money i knew i could not say no. It was the biggest smile i have ever seen him have. He was genuinely happy. I guess he was relieved that i believed he could offer me something however small. Then he smiled and said ‘usikule hiyo leo hiyo utakula 14th’

I told him a big thank you. Mercy was so happy. She told me ‘you see Star, i always tell you to keep your big heart, not everyone will appreciate it, some people will take advantage of it, but what matters is at the end of the day, one person will appreciate your kindness more than you think. Look at that man now he is genuinely happy ‘

I smiled. We stood somewhere to buy smokies (hahaa in school i eat them a lot, i prefer them to food, as long as it’s indoors and not by the road. when mercy annoys me she bribes me with that). I removed the money, i was certain it was 100 but no it was not. The shock on my face could not be expressed. I told mercy, can you imagine he gave me a 1000. So i removed the 1000 but there were several more notes.

I was amazed at the man’s kindness towards me. On our way back i told him that was so kind of him. I thought to myself, perharps that’s all the savings he has since last year and he was here giving it to me as a sign of gratitude. He reminded me of the widow who offered 2 cents yet that’s all she had. It was a great reminder, that when you see someone give you something don’t assume they have much, sometimes that’s all they have. Then he looked at me and told me ‘when i started i had nothing and no one, but you believed in me and held my hand, today i am where i am because you believed in me. I didn’t give you anything for Christmas, i didn’t give you anything for new year but now that you are here i will give you something for valentine. And i know God will add so more is on the way.

So i am here reflecting about my friend. I still can’t believe he did that. I mean when i met him i never knew he had a big heart, all i felt was he needed a friend. Somebody told me not to help him actually that i was too trusting with strangers yet he he might be a con. But i felt he was genuine. And here he was today being the first to surprise me. I must admit i have never been given that much money with so much sincerity by a friend as a form of gratitude.

The thing is when you help a lot of people you get used to no one helping back, everyone is asking something from you. Majority of the people after making it or overcoming challenges never remember what you did for them. They never remember to even call you or text and that’s fine because kindness is unconditional and mother Teresa put it perfectly well ‘be kind anyway, because at the end it’s between you and God, it was never between you and them anyway’

But after all i am human,  random acts of kindness (though very rare )cheer me up during my lowest moments.  (He made me  feel so appreciated that he had to be the first story on my blog yet i have been postponing owning a blog but his single act of kindness made it impossible for me not to write this story here today) Perharps on valentines no one was to call me or send me anything, even a text, not even family or friends. Perharps people will be too busy or too proud to show they care, and on the other side i will say why should i be the one to always show i care?

But he reminded me that best acts of gratitude, love and kindness are those that happen when least expected and from the least expected people. I  can never ask God for any other better act of love and kindness this valentines. May we always remember to show love to those who cannot pay us back because we might be the inspiration God is using to give them hope that the world has a place for them. Smile to strangers. Make random friends. Spread the love.


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  1. Beatrice jannie says:

    It is very inspiring Brightstar. I always learn alot from your writings. Congrats.


  2. Vivian Bosibori says:

    This is one of th best I admit. May God continue to bless you. And about the smokies will talk about them later.
    May your friend also be blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Manasseh says:

    Great piece of work,you have a bright future ahead of you ,keep it up.


  4. Kasina Richard says:

    Ts inspiring blessed


    1. Much humbled. Be blessed too


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