If you…

If you feel something like what I feel for you

Please don’t tell me now

When I am not so sure what it is that I feel for you

Wait until you’ve conquered my emotions, my feelings and my pride

By pretending that you feel nothing for me.

I plead you

If you feel that your eyes will make me look away

Please don’t stare at me when we meet or on the way

If you know that sitting next to me will make me over excited

Please wait until my heartbeat has settled

Then hold my chin and lift my face to meet your gaze.


I plead you

Please don’t let our hearts, feelings and pride surrender to each other

Until my crush has deepened to love

Let’s just smile at each other when we meet Just hug me like you won’t let me go

Then start talking to other people and I walk away

Let us just goodbye for the day And leave with different people and walk different way

Without looking back to see Whether just like me you don’t want to walk away. .


I plead you If we find ourselves alone one of these days

Please hold me and understand my silence

Please embrace me in every essence

But Kindly don’t make me any promise

So that when you are gone I can hold on to the memories Instead of broken promises.

I plead you

If you find my head lying on your chest

Please hold my hair and let us stare at the stars at night

Please listen to the beats of my heart

Then hold my hand and say ‘ Brightstar I love you’

Maybe by then my life story won’t be bringing me tears

Maybe by then I won’t have much to worry about in life

Or be struggling not to fall in love

And for the first time I will be able to use the words ‘ I love you too ‘

Just for you…




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