Of Men In Suits

So last week I was walking with one of my friends when we met this friend of ours on the way. Well apart from him holding a modelling title I have never quiet noted him much coz we’ve never had much conversations until from that day. Apparently in the last one year I had a fixed mind so I haven’t quiet taken a keen interest on anyone. He happens to be her crush and well.. Have never seen a girl so excited. She said her ovaries were twerking😂

But I can’t go into details because one she is not active here, two I don’t want that guy in whatever capacity to realize it’s him I am talking about here coz my friend is very pretty but has a boyfriend and him finding it out that she has a crush might only complicate issues. And three I don’t want him to start making moves on me either , that’s so possible because I am his crush apparently and I don’t want him to start thinking Brightstar likes him because I totally don’t and this story is not about him but about how he looked in a suit vs Normal days. It was like i was seeing two totally different people.

Looking at him I got a very interesting idea

A lot of times i have listened to girls panic before events especially those involving a red carpet because they apparently have no one to go with. But If you are invited for a function where your card reads for two and you don’t have a boyfriend or you are dating this confused fellas who clearly don’t know what they want and they are not courageous enough to let go what they don’t want so can’t be seen with you beyond closed doors, claiming that they are not yet ready to admit they are with you, yet the truth that is a trick they use to bait several, don’t worry. Just show your boyfriend the card if he says no fine it’s 2018 don’t entertain mediocrity or having someone absentia ruin your good event.

Just call that average looking friend of yours whose been making moves on you in vain. (The better if he is tall and has a beard🙂) Ask him to take you somewhere he will definitely not say no given unlike your guy he is sure of you. Then ask him his take on suits, and tell him you’d think he will look great in one. If he says yes take him to a shop and gift him shoes, a suit plus a tie. With those things they put on the breast pocket (I don’t know what they are called but you get me right)😀 If he is not the suit guy get him something casual that looks nice. You will be amazed how you will walk in that event and turn heads because he will have transformed from that average looking guy that girls never notice to one classy man😀 You may actually find out that what you’ve been looking for is right there next to you and you don’t have to entertain people who don’t appreciate you for the sake of having finished goods yet your Mr. Handsome is just broke somewhere waiting for you to help him find his tastes just a little bit. What was that again?

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  1. Daudi says:

    “Have never seen a girl so excited. She said her ovaries were twerking😂..”


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