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  1. Zadock ondoloh says:

    She has really wrote compellingly to nutshell up the potholes that life at times brings forth to our smooth runway where our happiness and the meaning of life,love and care seem to seem to taxied. Many things has happened and she has passed through slot but I know she is strong enough to an extent she will be able to overcome all the changes. I would like to bring it on the view of the purpose driven life,that at one point in life my mum, role model and a hero…. I guess she’s somewhere listening to me told me that we have a purpose as to why we live in this world, we have a purpose and a potential that could be latent that is hidden in us that God require us to accomplish or other achieve.
    A pastor in United States, Rick Warrens wrap up this ergency in his novel (the purpose driven life), Robin Sharma the renowned author of inspirational books also writes compellingly about our need to look deep into ourselves and discover the power of positive thinking and the pursuit of only that which makes us whole,that there is no life that has been lived untill one will have to understood the reason for being in this world. The concern of all these is to dig deeper into our motivations and make a connection between our actions and the underlying motivations in our being. The heart is where ideas are formed and what comes out is a reflection of the state of the heart.
    Moving back to history and please forgive me for typing too much am a literature student hehehe……. Mum will understand. In each person life there will come a time when something dramatic happens to so fundamentally has a some chances of altering the direction when one should move towards but what matters is what is termed as the ‘odyssey of the self’.
    It happened to Mama Teresa the pain of the children in the streets of Calcutta made her adoption the life of living God’s call. It happened to President Barack Obama when the impact of his community organising work flt weak and he needed a bigger platform from which to impact the nation. It happens to president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when she fell the burden of her suffering nation could best be handled by no one else but a mother…. Waah somehow long.
    Well she has passed through slot of challenges since childhood (back to the story) that at time she has a plethora of questions and thought that can only be approach philosophically bit as the article is coined on forgiveness love and life at time it force as to forgive to feel the sense of well-being that is more significant of being well off. Doing away with depression and grounding happiness on one’s life is really key because happiness does not thrive on spectacular upheaval rather it depends on overlooked things like peace of mind and comfort.
    I would say that she should be strong….and of course she is so that she can really reveal the real person she is. So that she can reveal the purpose of life,And all these will make it possible for her to build her own self and surpass the benchmark that had already been laid by her predecessors that are remarkable woman like Winnie Mandela and Mama Teresa. There is Ned for an intrinsic motivation from her own inside for her to keep her standards and benchmarks she has already set.
    In a nutshell to cut long story short God still love her…. My mum normally tell me this hehehe,and there is a need to look at her life in a positive angle so that she can achieve what God created her to achieve.


  2. Vivian Bosibori says:

    your posts always had a way to make me emotional and people think am going crazy he he….at some point I find myself weep while at some point I find myself laugh out so loud..one day I will also get some courage and acceptance to write like you. you come out so clean an wrote about the people around you who inspired you at one point or another…
    and your mum is such a sweetheart I even found myself loving her as if I’ve known her for years….
    am waiting for the story about your mum and the one on 28th march which you said are stories for another day…
    and am really happy that my sister has finally accepted to fall in love,the “I love you too” part caught me by surprise and am waiting for many stories to come with the “I love you too” to be in plenty….it’s good to love but its even better to be loved in return… you found love embrace it…
    finally keep them coming… reading your articles is one thing I can’t resist even in between my dreams….


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