Inspirational Thurday

When God created each one of us He had unique plans for us.  He designed our journeys in such a unique way to serve the purpose that He created us for. And for us to serve Him fully, sometimes He will out life obstacles that are too hard for us to understand. These challenges are meant to sharpen our faith. These challenges are to strengthen us.

But more often than not we find ourselves trapped in the worries of this world. We find ourselves broken by those challenges, in despair and more often than not many of us find themselves becoming hopeless for a long time.

I don’t know what you are going through today. You might be very sick, you might have lost your job, you might have lost a loved one, you might have received bad results in whatever field you are pursuing. You might be wondering what is there left to life and you may just be living to pass time


But look at how far God has brought you. You cannot afford to give up or lose hope. They say the darkest hour comes before dawn. God wants you to move in all the blessings He has for you. God wants you to exploit your maximum potential for His glory. God didn’t intend you to wallow in sadness and pity.  It’s just about time and God will heal you, God will give you another Job, God will give you that anticipated promotion and bless you in whatever capacity. God will replace your grieving heart with joy because He is a loving God.


You just need to trust Him. Today go down your knees and pray. Thank Him for His blessings in advance. You will be amazed. God listens. God loves you. So smile.

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  1. Ted says:

    you’ve said some of us has let the day slide,trust me I have. I didn’t know I could have even wished my grandfather. but after this I think am gonna post everyone who took me as a son. for Me alcelebrate my Mom …she is a dad and a mom lol.


    1. Ted. Celebrate who has been a father figure to you and greet your mum for me. Be blessed


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