How a small encounter Impacted my stand on life and Humility

A classy event it was. Everybody looked sharp& excited. The music was soothing. The sight eye catching. I first felt out of place. Because other than the hosts I knew no one. I decided to go outside, watch the stars and marvel at God’s work and reflect a little before the main event started.

And in the darkness, under a tree I saw a shadow. I was terrified but it was in a secure place so I knew it was probably somebody who needed a friend. I went inside and picked a chair. And went and sat next to him. I stretched my hand to greet him, he never asked why I used my left hand. He held my hand with much appreciation as if he wanted to say something. But he didn’t. ‘My name is Brightstar Kasyoka.’ ‘I am (insert a name) ‘You have a beautiful name.’


I wanted to ask him whether he needed a friend. Whether something bad had happened to him or his family. I wanted to tell him that God loved him. Because he looked sad, if not thoughtful. And i Understood that feeling too well because that’s where I had been for months now.


But at the same time I had learnt that somebody may appreciate your presence with no words. We sat silently for like an hour, he removed his phone at some point and I wanted to leave, but I thought it was wise to stay there in case he gathered courage to speak. Then he started, ‘have you ever asked yourself why everybody is tying so hard to prove to the world they are doing better? Humanity has been replaced with cold heartiness, because people think if they show kindness and humility they will not attract alpha female/ alpha males. Kids are taught they should not call or text when they miss somebody because the other person needs to call first. Men are taught not show any emotions so as to look powerful. We are taught to ignore those who matter because humility is nowadays a weakness. Have you ever wondered why there a lot of successful people and little happiness.? It’s because people are trying so much to gain happiness at the expense of others. You steal thousands at the expense of a poor struggling mum. As long as the society sees you are doing fine it’s okay for you to be cold hearted and use whatever means to enrich yourself. ‘

Then he kept quite and said I have been in so many classy events, but no one bothers to talk to me. Because I only wear a not so fancy T-shirt and not suits like everybody else. I have tried striking conversations with some men and women, but most brushed me off, I probably didn’t meet their standards.(laughed) So today I decided to sit here, and reflect at how hard the life of a poor man can be. No friends, no one to care…

Then you came. I wanted to send you away, but your handshake told me you must be genuine. You were the first to ever greet me with a left hand not having to explain why. You are a blessed little girl. Anyway I have some matters to attend I have to leave.’ He never gave me time to ask him if he was poor as he purported how he got the invite. Or why he was there alone.

You can walk with me to the parking lot if you don’t mind. But if you are scared of me I will understand .’ I wanted to say no,but I was curious so I didn’t. I observed him in the light, he was tall with not so skinny not so muscular body, and he was dressed in a cheap T-shirt, a trouser and open shoes. He had a strong cologne I could tell. I wanted to ask him whether he will get a motorbike Or a taxi to leave the place at that hour. I wanted to ask him to stay and tell me how his experiences in life were like. And how he handles life challenges. But I was scared. On the parking lot a sleek vehicle drove by. It looked like one of the dignitaries had arrived. And then two security guards opened the doors. Then he reached at his pocket and gave me a card ‘ I know you love writing& you’ll probably write about me, I checked you in Facebook that time I took my phone, (laughs). My second name is (insert a name). But I have refused to identify myself with that, because I want real friends, I want a real girlfriend, I want a real life. I want to live my life peaceful, I want people to love me for me, not for my family name. You’ve proved to me today that good people still exist. Almost everybody ignores because they don’t know me. Please live your life that way, and the right people will appreciate you. Life is too short to be fake, or to give attention to people because of what they have and not that they necessarily deserve it. I will be eagerly waiting for your call, thanks for everything angelic little one.’

He got in the vehicle and the driver sped of. And just like that he was gone. I thought this things only happened in the movies so I was left there startled. looking at the stars, I didn’t go inside again, I just held that card and marveled at the humility of that man. And I knew my pride, my snobbish attitude towards some people and my general& total outlook of life had changed. For good.



(It’s been one year since I wrote this story on my facebook account. That time I had just started gaining courage to express myself through writing. Truth is that time I was also so rude and choosy, happens to kids when they have nothing and no one wants them, and then God blesses them and they all want to talk to you, it feels fake. I was a snob until on the 29th when I encountered one person who changed my total outlook towards life and humility. Truth is, I am not perfect, sometimes I want to be too proud of how far God has brought me but when I remember the above story I strive everyday to remain humble. May God use us today to change others on how they view the world .

To my friend I know you follow my writings and you don’t know how much you impacted me, now you know. I celebrate you today. Happy Anniversary my dear friend. Your humility is on another level. When I get my money right  I pray to be humble like you. And oh yeah, it’s a whole year now kindly change how you call me I am a big girl now. )

Photos- Last year May. )

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  1. Mercy mutemi says:

    Good work my girl! It’s a nice piece really a nice one! Im waiting to read more and more! Keep it up sweetie!


    1. Thank you so Much Mercy Mutemi. From where we started in the small village school to where we are today. May God keep being with us and being with us.


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