The Young man Next Door


If you see the young man next door
Tell him, I received his roses and his  letter
And it touched my heart to the point of replying here to his letter
Tell him he is not alone, that I too, sometimes see him then my heart races fast. Then faster..
And that I don’t mind  being with him too.
And tell him I am sorry I didn’t reply on time despite I being good with words. It’s just that his choice of words left me wordless…
But tell him this… That Every day I am striving to build myself
Everyday I am trying to become a better version of myself
So that when I finally become his Mrs
I will not be referred to just as the successful man’s girlfriend
But I will be a whole person, with my name and friends
Tell him I understood he doesn’t care who I am, but I don’t want to ride on his name
Just like him I will build my name and brand too
I don’t know how long that will take, maybe months, maybe  years, maybe decades, but I will…
Then together, we can be a super couple
Tell him just a little patience… Will pay.
Tell him he is not alone as he thinks. That I think of him too, sometimes, when alone or late at night
It’s only that my life hasn’t been all rosy, It has had bumps, potholes, and thorns
And that’s why I am little bit afraid, and extra careful
But tell he should not lose hope, because every night
I pray to the creator to give me insight
Tell him I am glad he finds me the most beautiful even with my imperfection
And that I am grateful, He believes in love and God’s wonderful nature and creation.
Because there is nothing better in this life, than loving and being loved by someone.
Tell him that that from his letter I could tell he has a pure heart
The heart that loves whole and melts a soul to flames and passions if not heat
The heart that loves broken hearts to be be moulded from pieces to a beautiful piece of art
And I am grateful to have gotten his attention and been loved by him
Tell him that my yes may not come that easy , but  everyday I will be praying to God to make him better
For himself, for the society, for me
And I pray that in the end, we make it to the top and to the alter together
And we will look back at this poem and say ‘ It all started with her replying to my roses and a letter’

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ri says:

    Awesome piece as always but remember to handwrite to him too “Handwritten love letters never run out of style.”


    1. Thank you. I surely will. But i found it interesting to the point of writing it here first😊


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