Always Smile

If you read this and you happen to know  my daddy

Tell Him, that God blessed him with a daughter

Who loves kids and humanity: in the footsteps of Mother Teresa

A bright daughter

Who at 19, sat for her last 8.4.4 paper.

That despite the many blessings at young age I do not know what the future hold

I am only human, so sometimes I get scared.

I get afraid …

That I might miss growing up, my age mates are planning  and thinking of the next party and what can trend

That my dreams and responsibilities are too big for a young girl with a small voice, challenging story and  small bodied.

That I am sacrificing so much moments for ambitions that may be too big to be be realized… Or worse in the process my young soul and spirit gets crushed…




That I get afraid

Of failure or dying young with nothing to my name or something of substance that I have done to those around me: To add value in this world

That my days are increasing and I know I am getting older, if not already old…

But I have found out that no matter how old, independent I get, I still crave for his presence, that deep down, I am still his shy little girl… fearful, timid…




That sometime I wish I was Lucky to have him by my side

To push me to try, knowing that if I fail I won’t be alone and rejected

But I will still be that girl who has her dad

To love her unconditionally, and when  sad or broken, she has someone to call, comfort or hold.



Maybe I would  not be so afraid

To give my heart away or to allow emotions away to get carried

Maybe It wouldn’t be so hard for me to figure out how to deal with situations: like cracking and understanding the definition of a man…

Maybe I would have learnt from him if he was around.


That I still pray for Him everyday

That I forgave and accepted God will to chase my destiny

Whether there are storms, or the waters are calm and still.


Though sometimes I wonder how life would be

To have him read my poems, my articles ,my books and call him everyday

‘ Should I even take the offer and the risk of publishing and going all out? Or ‘What do you think I should edit in this story daddy. ?’

Then he laughs over the phone ‘You are now old enough. Don’t be afraid of being all out. Just Like Maya Angelou, it will set you apart. let me go through it, though I  guess I can’t help  much, I am not good at expressing myself through the pen, you should be editing mine not vice versa, you are the only one gifted in writing in our family’


But tell him that I love him unconditionally…

That I strive to be better today than I was yesterday

For him… For generation to come…


That it may take long for me to come out of my insecurities now that he is not here to guide me and give me confidence when I am in tears or fears.


But tel him that one day
One day his daughter will shine

One day …he will be a proud father

Whether he will be watching from heaven

Or he will be right here with with me by then…



Tell him that my life journey has trained me so well that the walk is not predictable

Sometimes there is joy and happiness

Sometimes there is sorrows and sadness

Sometimes there is abundance

Sometimes there is scarcity

Sometimes you may be the most neglected, ridiculed or despised

And then you become the most favoured, sought after and respected

So whatever comes your way  learn from it and be be grateful

Sometimes the challenges are blessings in disguise, they turn from scars to something beautiful

God is the teacher, he trains our lives sometimes through the most painful

To make us the most fruitful.




So regardlesss  of  circumstances

Always smile

Regardless of the pain or broken deams

Always smile

Regardless of your relationships or friendships

Always Smile

Your face it brightens

Always Smile

Because God hears our prayers

Leave the worries

Always be happy

Always pray


Always smile…

Always Smile

Always… Smile…









(If you see my Daddy or anyone who has been separated with their loved one for long, or is simply sad, please hug them for me and tell them to  Always Smile😍)

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