The friend who gave me the best gift does not know that it’s indeed my favourite.


He actually told me sometime back that for a while he has been thinking on what is the most unique that he can give me. I just kept quite  my pride wouldn’t let him know that he already did.

Now I can say I am typical traditional kind of girl. You know the one who loves flowers (please bring them in plenty when I am alive not when dead) who loves teddy bears and anything girlish. Haha! I have really grown if I can admit this publicly I used to be embarrassed that I wasn’t manly like a the leader I am after somebody told me so. But as you grow up you learn to accept all  areas of your life. It’s what makes you a woman and unique.  Like being obsessed with color pink and that you love romantic men. (You know those who give long hugs and kisses on the forehead. Yes those can soften the toughest girl very first) * Wink. *

Now I had taken time not to write about my daily experiences because I felt I write too much and I wanted writing to remain just as a part time hobby, not lifestyle. But I cannot run away from myself  so I am going to express myself whenever I feel like…  (Have been writing and keeping it to myself until I read an article saying you should stop writing for yourself .)

Now the person who gave me this gift is one of my favourite person. It’s my favorite gift because one he didn’t plan of it and two when he was giving it he put that innocent look because he felt it wasn’t all that then said ‘just take this I know it’s nothing much but you deserve a present. ‘

Now the situation prior to this was very interesting one. But before I go there let me explain. On 20th October marked two years of friendship (I wrote a beautiful article that day but I have kept it where no one can find it)  with that person (I actually texted him first, I don’t know where I got such guts at 17, I tend to think courage is inborn it just waits for the right time to be unleashed. 😀)

On November 8th marks the first day we went for a date. Uh!  So fast.   Now that’s two years years of friendship and a whole  year of solid friendship for lack of a better word. And I tell you nothing is as hard as writing about someone you know personally (you keep the articles to yourself because you don’t want them to read your mind. )
Now on this particular day of this gift,   on April 30th 2018 I had made a very interesting decision that I hadn’t told him yet about our friendship(a story for another day) I acted very normal yet I had made up my mind to do something not so good. Don’t joke with women…

We were in his car I decided to maintain an eye contact for the first and most importantly for the last time before I told him bye.  ( Or so I thought 😀) I had never maintained eye contact with him before  and it was such a big deal to me to even try. Oh well (to those who call me courageous I love you very much.)

In several attempts I maintained an eye contact in less than a minute😀( You See why I like romantic men a rough man will not be patient with me learning those kind of things, he will tell me he has businesses to chase.  He will assume it’s 2018 and any girl should know this stuff. Hahaa ) Well, of course I didn’t hit my target which was to maintain eye contact for long (at least 2 minutes).

Afterwards he said
‘Given you have never looked  at me directly even once (I always look at the other direction,  the window and passing vehicles if any) That was very brave you deserve an award. ‘ He then started searching for anything he could find in his car (His serious look was priceless it was the cutest thing) He found nothing. He said ‘no way I cannot miss something to give you. Courage must be rewarded. ‘ Then he found this bracelet and put it on my hand and told me ‘here it is not all that , but it’s something at least for now. ‘


IMG_20181026_090509.jpgThen he looked at me. I wanted to hug him and tell him Awww but pride!pride! pride!
The same day I did my evil plan but the bracelet remained. My prayers is that it was his and not a random girl who left it in his car then she sees it here  then come looking for me. 😀

Long story short months later he still doesn’t know that I have this bracelet because I never wear it when meeting him ‘lest he think she valued it this much😁’

He just doesn’t know that it’s normally on my dressing table


or my bed


and I put it on immediately I an back to my room and wear it back after photos.
Anyway I just shared this story because it’s almost end  month and I have heard situations where people struggle much on what to get me. Sometimes in general people struggle too much to make an impression to those they like but sometimes the greatest gestures are in those deeds that are unexpected and unplanned for yet in their mind they feel it is it nothing.

The simple gift has reminded of so many times when I am annoyed at the same person that I have got to be patient with him. That we have come from far. Sometimes I will make decisions that I don’t want us to be friends anymore (friendship with the one you like  is uncertain and the greatest risk a daughter of someone can take, because you constantly have to remind yourself ‘though shall not play with fire’😀 and that kind of instability is scary) It is even worse that you have to explain the nature the friendship the two of you have and everyone thinks you are lying. It gets you confused and you start wondering whether you are the confused one.

Sometimes when I am very mad or hurt for something he didn’t do I just look at this bracelet and remember the many memories behind it and the friendship  and I want to call him and say ‘I am sorry for being mad at you ‘😂 Lol!

It’s like this bracelet act as our mediator. It’s like it reminds me that our friendship is too strong to give up on because of small things that can be solved.

(Now gentleman just give a girl something in an innocent moment it will work magic to remind her of you )

To my favourite friend. I will never tell you this in person. But thank you for your gift and reminding me everyday that life Is about patient. I know I have not been the best friend sometimes, I have my mood swings and life fears so I put you through hell sometimes but thank you for understanding even when there is nothing left to understand. And you don’t have to get me anything our friendship and this bracelet is enough.


How thoughtful is your gift today? How can you be a light today to the world around you?  What can you give to make the other person better unexpectedly ? Is it telling God’s words to those who need it?  is it Love? Affection?  patience? money? affection? Think about it. Remember you are the light of the world.  And your smallest deeds can make a lifetime difference .

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