The process of getting in a girl world can be difficult sometimes. Especially if she is the good, strict or tough type. Worse the one who don’t want a relationship until 25😀 That’s approximately 5 or 6 years down the line. You can give everything you have  and still end up rejected.  Nothing is as difficult as a girl who has made her mind to avoid relationships . She avoids situations that can change her mind on some issues.  She is smart.  She is intentional. She has seen many ambitions go down because of unnecessary relationships.  And she wants to get her life in order.  The right way.

But then if you are a smart guy you will realize no amount of hard work will get you that girl.  Many have been there before and rejected.  You probably won’t be different.  She will befriend you because you are exciting to be around and  look good  but at the back of her mind will have an exit plan In case you refuse to be friend zoned. She gladly accept your friendship.  But She will try walk out if she feels it is getting out of control.  She loves being in control of her life.  And anything that threatens to destabilizes her emotions  is avoided.  And in this case you.  If you happen to have slight effect on her she will get excited but when she is alone she will panic or even cry at the excitement and start planning on  to avoid you.

But you see every smart person will meet a smarter one. There is that one person who will realize the girl is difficult and shift his tactics and not focus on the girl and focus on the most powerful people when it comes to her decisions – Her friends. He knows that’s where the power lies.

Now let me tell you about a girl best Friend (s) . Many overlook the role of a best Friend but it is critical. The best Friend is very key in all her decisions. She decides who gets to meet the girl and it’s worse if she herself is very picky as well. She scrutinizes details. The best Friend knows everyone who has hit on that girl. Since they met . So she has seen all kind of people.  So you have to be exceptional to impress her. She knows who gave a phone and it was rejected . She knows who bought a land and they laughed it off. She knows who offered a car.  She has analysed many and given report that no… They are not worth even date. Because  most of the time the calls are picked when she  is there. The best friend has heard so many promises given  to the girl. She is a principled girl so material things will not impress her. The best friend has data in her hand. Many have failed because they did not meet the best Friend’s qualifications or expectations. Many have been helplessly asking for a date in vain because the best friend didn’t approve them. The fate of you being a potential lies with the best friend.  If the best friend says one negative thing about you then that’s how your calls end up answered – For good.
So if you are a smart guy don’t say a word to the girl if you experience resistance . You might  be told no. So don’t until you have a rapport with the best Friend. Just wait when you are in public and act like her boyfriend. The better if the friends are there and best friend is there as well and knows you as the crush or even but just a close friend. That means the best friend doesn’t like you if she has not vetted you. After all you are the only one who the girl met without her approval?  What is this that  you even have? 😁 She is skeptical. She has discouraged the girl about your friendship. Your fate now lies in the meeting with the best friend. She will probably disapprove you, saying you are very proud or too cute and boys like you are trouble. But you don’t have to say a word. Just put a show out of nowhere  and act all lovey dovey from nowhere. Be the romantic boyfriend and throw in naughty lines here and there. Open doors… Offer to drive them. Hold her. Hold her hair. Play around. Anything. Anything that sets you apart from others. Then say nothing.

One you will have killed two birds with one stone. First your actions will have confused the girl. In her mind you are just friends and to her friends don’t behave that way. She will be too shocked and surprised  to ask why you why you behaved like that.  And her shock will be mixed with excitement.  Oh well,  this is a girl who is guarded, so very few get to the point of behaving like you did with her. And she is bound to have it go in her head but she fears you And respects you in equal measure so she will not confront you or tell you off.

Two you will have created a conflict between her and her friends.  One this is a girl who is known for her honesty, so they believed you are her friend, but all over sudden after your actions,  her friends are accusing her of lying.  They blame her for not telling them you guys were not just friends.  She defends herself and says they misunderstood you. Or rather your actions.    They say the message you were sending was loud and clear. That you are not just friends and there is more than what meets the eye.   Here you have done nothing but use your brain.  You will have just applied Robert Green’s laws of seduction. Almost all at once.  Approach indirectly,send mixed signals, attack from outside and cause confusion then strike . You will have helped in isolating the girl because she will stop consulting her friends about you because she feels they are confusing her. Now you automatically become her best Friend,  she starts consulting you more often because you unlike them understands her and don’t accuse her of lying😀 Now that’s a law of seduction. Isolate the victim. The victim will become dependent on you. And her defenses will go down.

Her best Friend will still buy the idea of you being a friend. She is the tough one among her friends,  she doesn’t get convinced easily.  She will ask the girl,  the girl will just say you are friends,  and she will nod. And give you a benefit of doubt.

You  rarely meet the best friend.  But you know she is consulted in every move.  So in public act like a boyfriend severally and leave everyone from her side confused.   Be protective. Be authoritative. She will consult her best friend (s)   and her best friend will wonder what’s wrong with you because real boyfriend’s propose. By this time the focus will have shifted from the girl stand to not wanting a relationship to your confusing behavior.  The girl will still maintain you are friends.  The best friends will have started doubting that.  The best Friend gets confused on what exactly friendship means nowadays.

Once the best friend gets confused, the game is almost over.   Your task will have become easier.  You’ve  got the girl all to yourself . Because  if her Best Friend is confused  she will get the girl confused for you too. 😀 And her best Friend will start fighting small fights for you.  After all you are gentleman,  you wouldn’t put up a show in public every time…😇

Then befriend her best friend.  Have conversations with her and make her your best friend too.  Insinuate to her that you are the boyfriend and crack jokes when the girl is not there.  The best friend will call the girl ‘I don’t think he is joking and he does not talk as just as a friend to you.  That’s your boyfriend. It is very evident even from his choice of words ‘

And by the time the girl realizes it’s one year down the line and she is not even sure whether you are just a friend and she doesn’t know what to call you. You’ve  gotten in her mind and her inner circle.  You’ve gone to so many dates.  Someday you have long hugs.  And maybe you’ve even kissed.

She insists you are just her friend.  The Best Friend says you are not. ‘Which friends behave like the two of you.?’  She says it’s just emotions maybe and that is why it is inconsistent.  The best friend says asks why it just happens with you and not other people.  She says maybe she should get a boyfriend.  The best friend tells her she already have you and she cannot have two😀.   So for a whole year the girl has not been meeting other people because the best Friend kills the possibility of every other person and terms dates with others as cheating and she can’t go against their beliefs. Just before she writes  The best Friend asks ‘Now what happens today if he asked to be your boyfriend officially’ ?The girl thinks and wants to ask officially  ? She didn’t see that coming. ‘He wouldn’t ask because we are just friends and we don’t want to be in a relationship with each each other ‘ The Best Friend says ‘Everybody who has met you know  that you two are dating and you can’t convince them otherwise.  I will tell him your stand on relationships and advise him it’s easy to trap you, he just needs to ask you to be his girlfriend  in public. You respect him so much so You can’t say no in front of us or  in public 😀 Then we can leave you two to discuss you dating at 25 in private.. . after you’ve said yes…  😁’

The girl will laugh that her best friend could even think of such a scenario. How now?😀 Friends don’t propose to each other.

With her pride She can never ask why you send mixed signals . And you  won’t say a thing. Her resistance at this point is not as high because you are her best friend.  She starts opening up to you and being naughty here and there over the phone without feeling guilty. The Best Friend raises alarm that she is no longer afraid of you and that should mean something.  She says ‘I am not supposed to be afraid of my friends right? ‘ It’s her nature to be defensive.  And the confusion works for you advantage to create further memories… And write paragraphs of the most exotic experiences that can ever happen between just friends…


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