So it’s a weekend.  And we went out for dinner.  We were about 18 ladies and one gentleman. We went to a Golden Spot, Chaka road.  The place was okay.   Now I am barely the type who go out, so this was a big deal to me. When we got in we got a big table. For all of us. The first thing I noted was that the table next to us was occupied by a group of men. I don’t know why I noticed. Maybe it was the intensity that one of them looked at me when I walked in🤣 It was like he had come to hunt and seen a potential prey. Do I look that vulnerable?  As if I need some taming ? Anyway, I ignored. See, it is a free world. You can always assume. But from the corner of my eye I was aware he was checking me out. I am used to it so I can pick out very easily who is checking me .   And to affirm my conclusion when I went to the washroom he followed me. I assumed. When I went to the washroom for the second time he stood up again strategically and followed me again. When I went to wash my  my hands he came close to me. Luckily we were many and I could tell. I am sure in his mind he was like ‘What is wrong with this girl, can’t she see how I want to talk to her. 🤣’
If only he knew the truth. That it was not about him. He was fine.  He was a tall man. And dark. And not bad looking at all. For a normal single girl this would have been the ultimate guy to listen to what he had to say. But not tonight 🤣

Why?  You might ask.  I had noted that the table was full of tall men. I don’t know whether they had used height as a basis of their friendship but honestly I have never seen so many tall men together on one table. I think tall men hate competition, because their friends are generally short 🤣 But this was different. So it made me a little bit curious .
There was something special about one of his friends. He was not just tall he had the looks. He had a well trimmed beard. And a fair skin. Not so dark. Not so light.  He was the one paying the bills. And all the men were listening to him as if he was a king. He was taking wine. White wine.  And he was sipping it taking his time. As if he had all the time in the world.
Whenever he was speaking all the men would keep quiet. I even told some lady next to me ‘Kumbe hata sisi wasichana tunaweza Kuwa fisi.? Since we came have been observing him. And he is not just good looking. He is quite something. ‘ She responded. ‘Haha Personally I am just quiet. I noted him long ago. Who wouldn’t? ‘ We laughed.  Dear gentleman,   don’t be fooled if you see us on our phones,  we ladies notice you too. We just lay low.  😊

I noted also he was not interested in girls. It was his friends making funny eye contacts to our side. But not him.
When I was leaving his friends had already identified someone to call me. And she came for me and told me someone wanted to say hi to me.  He wanted me to sit down. I didn’t. I gave him my number though. I was in a hurry not to maintain contact with his friend 🤣

It left me thinking.



Dear Alpha Man
Please. Please please make moves. I understand you are just classy and way too picky but it will do no harm to say hello to at least one lady.  Kindly understand It is hard for us ladies not to notice you.  Your composure and sense of style is admirable.  The authority and respect  you demand is sexy. The way you carry yourself as if you need no woman makes you more attractive. See some of us are tough headed and we are used to have our way with so many people so only your type can handle us. 😄Some of us want men who are real men and who exercise  authority on us sometimes . You know that man who says no to us doing something . ?That man who has his stuff together and is not intimidated by us? That one who  gives sensible direction and can once in a while tell you ‘I have said this and we are not debating? ‘ That combined with some surprises and flowers once in a while is everything. And it doesn’t help that you leave your boys to do everything including chasing us. It is already frustrating  that the rules of the game dictates we cannot walk to you and start a conversation. It is  not cool at all to have them asking for our numbers yet you are the one we are eyeing. As an independent girl I have been very fair to write you this letter, please next time you are out here put it in consideration. 😇

Yours truly

Princess Brightstar.

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