20 Random Facts about me

Three days to 2019 i.e. 28th December was on my birthday, I got a request from a friend to do Q&A video but I didn’t do that. Instead, I decided to do 20 random facts about Princess Brightstar Kasyoka. Anyway, my name is Brightstar Kasyoka and I love the name Princess.
In case you are new here  welcome and I am glad to have you here’
1. I love kids very much.

It explains why my signature hairstyle is pussy cat. (Anything that makes me relate to young kids, I will still do it.) I love investing in young people and kids more so – I think because I had a rough childhood. It is important to invest in young people because they are our future leaders and if we don’t have the right foundation, it becomes a bit hard to correct it when it’s up there.

2. I love bright colours.

I love white, pink, red etc. I’m just your typical girl who loves teddy bears, dolls, flowers and all those kind of things but in bright colours. In case you may find you don’t know what to give me next time, just give me something with bright colours. It’s like my name: Brightstar!

3.I love taking care of animals


e.g. cats, dogs etc.
I’m that type of a person who will pick a cat on road and go and nurse it until it heals. When I was in high school, I took care of one wild cat until it gave birth to 8 kittens; in school people started referring me as ‘mother of cats’. So, I love taking care of animals – any sick animal. If you have a sick animal that you don’t love, please bring it to me and I’ll take care of it for you.

4.I write more than I speak
Writing to me is more therapy: I write when I’m crying, sad, happy, excited, etc. generally when any emotion takes place in me. I write a lot: I have a blog and I have written several books which I hope to publish them in future. I started writing when I was a kid because it was a way of coping up with some of the things I was going through and I didn’t know who to talk to.

5. I am very choosy.


(Photo: Courtesy )

Especially when it comes to men. I love my men dazzling and I think it’s everything with every teenager/young person growing up. I became choosy when I was a kid because people used to tell me I’ll have to end up with an ugly man because I was pretty. Thus I’m very choosy: I guess no wonder I’m still single..

6. I am left-handed.

I became left-handed when I was 2 years old and had an accident. I hold my book somehow slanting and I’m so proud of it. At some point it used to bother me because I used to be the only one i.e. when I went to school, there was no desks for left-handed people but I’m left-handed and so is Obama, Uhuru, Redsan and the list continues.


7.I love singing

After high school, I was so sure I wanted to be a singer. I didn’t want to join university but a music school and become a singer before things happened and I joined university. All my friends knew that I was going to sing but when I went to campus, I joined campus politics and I put singing on hold but maybe one day I might decide to chase it as a passion and record a song.

8.I love dressing in shorts and heels/boots


It doesn’t go well with people though and I have been criticized of my dressing because in African setting dressing should depict morality but to me it’s just a way of expressing myself. If I was in another country, I’ll probably be wearing shorts and heels 24/7. I just love them and it’s something I love since I was a kid. It’s not so much tied to morality but it’s something that I really love. Shorts, heels…anytime!

9.I am a graduate.

Something that surprises most people is that I am a graduate. I graduated on Friday 21st December with a degree in political Science and I was 19 years old at that point. It is an achievement to me because I have had to battle a lot of challenges on the way as a young person.
10.I love God.
I read my Bible and pray every day. I can say I am religious. I love going to church, worshipping God, etc. God is the one who has held me since I was a child to where I am. Even if you go to all my social media platforms, I describe myself as ‘Just a humble, simple God fearing girl. I am a living testimony that there is God – a living God’ because I believe my life is because of God. If we meet next time and you don’t know what to do with me, let’s read the Bible and pray. – That will be enough. I love worshipping God, praising Him, talking about Him to People: Praise in the name of the Lord!

11.I am very ambitious.

I have been that kid who will always tell her grandmother and grandfather that I’ll be very great at this country at a very young age. I would always see myself in great places. Since I was in primary I was a prefect; I was a monitor in lower primary; in high school I was a prefect throughout, C.U chairperson, journalism chairperson, academic prefect; in campus, I was a student leader – finance secretary and in future I don’t know what comes from it but I really like leadership and I’m so ambitious such that sometimes I write goals and the people around me are like ‘Brightstar, you’re doing too much’. I hope I get to achieve all those things that I dream of because I know if you are an ambitious person and a person who dreams a lot, you can get confused

12.I love recording videos.
I can record videos anywhere in schools, when I’m sitting somewhere, before I sleep etc. no wander I decided to start a vlog eventually but I love recording videos so much.
13.I am very courageous.
I’m this type of a person who can walk in a place and ask for help in a place if I need it. I’m this type of a person who I can just stand by the road side and stop a vehicle and ask the person to help me if I need something. I don’t hesitate to ask for help if I need it. I approach anyone and I don’t get intimidated by anyone because of the societal position they hold in the society. It’s something I didn’t know about it until someone recently pinpointed it and I realized since I was a kid I would always work up to people and tell them I need so and so: that’s why I am here today. I hope to be courageous like that and one-day approach President Uhuru if possible.
14. I am eloquent in both English and Kiswahili.
It gets a lot by surprise but ‘Habari yako mimi ninaitwa Brightstar Kasyoka na wewe unaitwa nani?’. A lot of people assume that I don’t speak Kiswahili because most of the time I just speak English. When I was in high school, I was voted the best public speaker in Kiswahili in a competition of schools. At some point I just felt that English is more cool and I stopped writing in Kiswahili but I hope to go back to that because language is very important. Next time I meet you in the street and I say ‘Hae’ in Kiswahili, please know that I am very eloquent in Kiswahili.

15.The name ‘Brightstar’ is a prophetic name that was given to me by my teacher when I was primary and later it stuck and became my official name.

It is a long story behind it but it is a prophetic name and I believe I am going to be a bright star in the world! A lot of people ask me how come your parents named you ‘Brightstar’, they may be thinking so much but it was a teacher who gave me the name ‘Brightstar’ and I have to live up to it.
16. I love dancing

Most of my close friends have seen me dance because I love it so much. I have never danced in public – it is a log story for another day. It takes the right people who mean to be me and to show this other side of me that people don’t get to see but in case I am with you and if you see me dancing or something comes up and I start dancing, just know I am so free with you. I hope to be dancing in public in the near future because I am growing up – I need to be courageous.
17.I am an indoor person.
It is the contrary of what most people think of me or expect of me especially after we interact and they find I am an indoor person. I am this type of a girl who doesn’t drink and party. So, on Friday nights, you will most probably find me indoors with a book. I love reading books and I love writing – I will always choose indoors than going out because I am an indoor person unless I get a boyfriend who will help me change that.
18. I am very emotional.
I cry very fast and I end up smiling after very few minutes – If I break down with you after that I’ll just smile. I get affected by some things. I am very strong when handling big issues but on small things especially from the people I love normally affect me so much. I thank God that I always know how to find my way to smile and forget what has happened – yes, I am the smiling machine always smiling. On the same, I am very straight forward: if you hurt me, I’m going to tell you you’ve hurt me. Being emotional has also helped me to be straightforward. As a leader, I have learnt to handle it and won’t just cry in public unless it’s something that has really affected me – I have to remind myself every time to be strong.
19.I do motivation speaking in high schools and primary because I love inspiring young souls because we all need hope.

I try to give hope because I know how it feels to be hopeless. I give motivation talks/speeches, I write, I speak to anyone I can –it’s something I think might be a hidden talent. I get it so well especially when people give me a feedback on my blog, my email or in social media e.g. Facebook telling me how I have touched them in one way or another and I hope to do that in an international level and take it to a higher level.

20.I look up to people who have had to overcome great life challenges to be where they are.


I love people who share their stories. I believe sharing your story is very important because it helps other people who are dealing with the same to know that they are not alone. Eventually, in the end I would like to share my story and maybe inspire someone. If you are someone who is doing something and you always try to encourage other people and you have really had to overcome a lot of obstacles, then you are my hero and I salute you.

2. I really value family – Absolutely 


(Photo: Bahati’s)

I want my children to grow up in a family with a dad and a mum because I know the importance. I know we’re in a generation where families are broken but I want my children to grow up with a father and a mother who loves them. I’m so much for family and very ambitious such that I would like to have a man who we can build a family together and have beautiful kids. To me, family comes first. At some point, I have been told by my friends ‘you Brightstar, one time you will have to choose between your ambition and your family. I hope it doesn’t reach that point i.e. I hope there is a way I can balance but if it reaches that point where I have to choose between family and my ambition, I will definitely choose a family. I want a family – it’s because I know the importance especially as a child who grew not in such a stable family. Again, I want my children to have a dad and mum who they can call anytime. Also, I want to be that loving mum with the dad and with my kids. I love family very much – I think this is the statement I have really explained so much because it is what I can say so much about me. In conclusion, I really want a family by the time I am 25 years’ old.


(Photo : Bobi Wine and family)

That comes to the end of the 20 facts about me. I know there are so many things that I have not said about me but those generally summarize the things about me. Next year when I’m turning 21 probably I’ll do 21 facts about me – others will have changed and others will not have changed.
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